Principal Investigator


Graduate Students

Lauren van Woudenberg - I am working on population genomics in planktonic copepods (Pleuromamma xiphias, specifically), and am broadly interested in population genetics and dispersal dynamics in marine species.  

Michelle Jungbluth - I am studying copepod nauplii and their roles in pelagic ecosystems.  My Masters work focused on development of a qPCR-based molecular method to enumerate one species of nauplii in mixed field samples.  I am now using this method to examine how different species respond to environmental perturbations, and also to obtain new knowledge about the contribution of nauplii to the transfer of material through the marine food web.  

Zooplankton ecology & genetics

Postdoctoral Fellows

Kim Andrews - 2012, 1-year appointment.  Kim developed microsatellite markers for Haloptilus longicornis and Pleuromamma xiphias, and completed a very nice study on genetic structure across ocean gyres in H. longicornis.  She is now a Marie Curie Incoming International Fellow in the U.K.


Graduate Students 

Kristin Halbert - MSc received 2013.  Kristin worked on cryptic diversity and speciation in Pleuromamma piseki and P. gracilis.  Advised by D. Carlon (Biology Dept).


Emily Norton - MSc received July 2013.  Emily worked on spatial genetic patterns in the mesopelagic copepod Haloptilus longicornis.  She conducted both empirical and modeling studies on dispersal and connectivity among populations in this species.  She is now a NOAA Coastal Management Fellow in Maine.


Visiting Scientists (2014)

Georgina Cepeda, INIDEP, Argentina

Junya Hirai, ORI, U Tokyo, Japan

Patricia Hudepohl, U Hamburg, Germany

Katja Peijnenburg, U Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alice Burridge, U Amsterdam, Netherlands

Russ and Cheryl Hopcroft, U Alaska Fairbanks, USA


Lab Technicians 

Elan Portner - 2011 - 2013.  Did everything !  Now at graduate school in Biology at Stanford.  


Undergraduate Students

Meg Moeller

William Truong

Liz Butcher

Michelle Uchida

Grant Batzel

John Lee

Jenny Bernier

Lani Johnson

Victoria Flynn

Jessica Ayau

Sarah Chang

Da Woon Jung


Lab Alumni

Kate Hanson - Is working on copepod nauplii and their role in marine planktonic food webs.  At the moment, she is expanding our qPCR-based approach to tracking naupliar abundances in environmental samples, in order to study the population dynamics of the dominant species at our study site in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.  Kate's prior PhD work was in trophic interactions (plankton-fish) in coral reef ecosystems (Moorea).

Matt Iacchei - Is working to develop population genomic techniques in our copepod system, with the long-term goal of examining spatial patterns in both neutral and adaptive regions of the genome in relation to large-scale ocean gradients.  Matt completed his PhD in the ToBo lab (HIMB), working on connectivity in lobsters (as well as ecological work on opihi).

Carolyn Mathisen -  Is an aquatic ecologist, who has recently joined the Goetze lab for a 3 year post-doc research project. Carolyn specializes in studying food web interactions in pelagic ecosystems and how the balance of algal to bacterial food for zooplankton affects zooplankton growth and food web efficiency. Carolyn obtained her BSc(Hons) from Otago University in New Zealand, and her PhD from UmeĆ„ University in Sweden. Carolyn is funded by the Swedish Research Council for her postdoctoral fellowship in Hawaii.  

Erica Goetze - I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I am a zooplankton ecologist, and have broad interests in the ecology, evolution and genetics of planktonic organisms.  You can find a bit of an overview of my research and teaching interests here, and a list of publications here.  A description of our funded projects can be found here.

Undergraduate students

Stephanie Chang - Selph/Goetze student, working on ciliate abundance counts from Kaneohe Bay.

Stephanie Matthews - Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) student, just getting started.


Goetze lab